Science Centre Universeum

Universeum's mission is to positively affect children and young people's attitudes to science, technology and mathematics by experiences that create curiosity, increased understanding, confidence in the future and desire to move on to studies and careers in these fields.

Visitors can follow the Water’s Way – from the Swedish mountains, via streams, lakes and the great oceans, through the South American jungle down to the lagoon at the bottom of the rainforest, with everything from Swedish non‐migratory birds, fish and snakes to exotic caimans, sharks, parrots and Goeldi’s monkeys.

The Deadly Beauties Exhibition also offers the opportunity to study some of the world’s most venomous animals,resting safely behind the glass in over twenty displays. The Universeum provides the opportunity to explore cells, elementary particles, rockets and solar systems; to experiment, scrutinise the body and try being a weatherman.

Chalmers University of Technology is one of the founders of Science Centre Universeum.

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Page manager Published: Thu 19 Apr 2012.