MoleClues & Molecular Frontiers

MoleClues is a Web site for young people developed by Molecular Frontiers Foundation, to investigate the world of molecules.

With the mindset "molecules are everywhere", it explains how the world around us works - from the subtle to the spectacular. On MoleClues, members can ask questions, engage in dialogues with mentors, learn about the work and careers of Nobel laureates, compete for the Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize, watch videos, play science games and more. MoleClues is a community open to scientists, educators and curious teenagers from all over the world.

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Molecular Frontiers is a group of scientists, who all believe that molecular science is important – to us, to you, to the world we live in. Chalmers form, together with MIT in the U.S., the nodes of this organisation. The Scientific Advisory Board consists of 12 Nobel Prize Laureates.

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Page manager Published: Thu 19 Apr 2012.