EU-funded research

In 2017 Chalmers participated in 153 EU research projects

113 projects have been approved so far under the 8th Framework Programme, Horizon 2020, and 33 projects are part of the seven-year 7th Framework Programme. Furthermore, there are seven projects in other EU-based thematic programmes, such as various joint technology initiatives. Chalmers is also a core partner in the Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community.

In the thematic parts of the framework programmes, Chalmers is most active in the subprogrammes for Transport (28 projects), Information and Communication Technologies (13), Energy (9) and Euratom (7).

Eighth Framework programme (Horizon 2020)

With a total allocation to Chalmers of EUR 71 million, Chalmers researchers are part of 42 projects in H2020 in 2017. In total Chalmers researchers are involved in 131 projects, 42 of which were granted in 2017.

Seventh Framework Programme

Under this Framework Programme, Chalmers has been a partner in 269 approved projects, with a total allocation to Chalmers of EUR 121 million. Some of these projects will continue into 2019.

Grants from the European Research Council (ERC)

The ERC supports risk-taking and high-quality research and promotes world-class research. In total, Chalmers has been granted 26 ERC allocations so far. In 2017, 15 grants including two Proof of Concept allocations were active. Read more: Chalmers researchers with ERC allocations.

Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC)

Chalmers is a main partner in the Climate KIC, one of three Knowledge and Innovation Communities created by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The EIT is an EU body with the mission to create sustainable growth. The community drives innovation in climate change through creative partnerships – large and small, local and global, between the private, public and academic sectors.

Read more: Climate KIC

Graphene Flagship Research Initiative

Since October 2013 Chalmers has been the coordinator of the Graphene Flagship Initiative, one of the biggest ever research initiative in the European Union. With a total budget of EUR 1 billion, Graphene Flagship is a partnership between academia and industry with a ten-year mandate to drive the development of graphene and related materials from laboratories out into society in the form of applications in new or improved products.

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In addition to the research project, Chalmers gathers all research on atomically thin 2D materials including graphene and other related materials at its own Graphene Centre.

Read more: Chalmers Graphene Centre


For more information about Chalmers’ participation in EU projects including ERC Grants, please contact any of the members at Chalmers Grants Office.

For more information about Climate KIC please contact innovation adviser Anne Alsholm.

For more information about Graphene Flagship please contact director Jari Kinaret.

For more information about Chalmers Graphene Centre please contact the research centre.

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