EU-funded research

In 2020, Chalmers participated in a total of 152 EU-funded research projects, almost exclusively in Horizon 2020, the European Commission's eighth framework program for research and innovation. Of these, 33 projects started during the year. Within the thematic parts of the framework programs, Chalmers has its largest activity within the sub-programs Transport (28 projects), Energy (13), ICT (12) and Euratom (11).

Eighth Framework programme (Horizon 2020)

Horizon 2020 was formally closed at the turn of the year, although the last announcements will be evaluated in 2021, and ongoing Horizon 2020 projects extend to 2026. Chalmers is so far involved in a total of 243 approved projects in this framework program, giving a total contribution to Chalmers of EUR 158 million.

Grants from the European Research Council (ERC)

The European Research Council (ERC) grants high-prestige grants to individual researchers with the aim of promoting world-class, high-risk research. Chalmers has received a total of 37 ERC grants, of which 13 were active in 2020. These 13 include 2 Proof of Concept allocations.

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Flagships and other research initiatives

In addition to its involvement in the EU's flagship investment in graphene and quantum computers, Chalmers participates in the Big Data for Smart Society (GATE), a seven-year so-called 'widening participation' initiative aimed at promoting skills and innovation across Europe.

In 2020, the large-scale research initiative Battery 2030+ started, which aims to make Europe a world leader in the development and production of the batteries of the future, and Chalmers is a participant in BIG-MAP, one of the initiative's projects that started in 2020. Chalmers also hosts the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) Manufacturing's "Co-Location Center" at Lindholmen, "Core partner" in Climate KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community) and "Associate partner" in EIT Raw Materials.


For more information about Chalmers’ participation in EU projects including ERC Grants, please contact Grants office at Chalmers.​

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