TEDx Göteborg: Max Ortiz Catalan on bionic limbs | 2014

Max Ortiz Catalan, scientist at Chalmers University of Technology, has developed prosthetics that, with help from titanium implants, neuromuscular interfaces, and sophisticated control algorithms, are controlled by the brain, via nerve fibers, in the same way as a biological limb.
At TEDx Göteborg in 2014 Max Ortiz Catalan talked about how biology and mechatronics, for the first time, integrates man and machine into an intuitive prostheses, controlled by the mind. Reliability, usability and comfort are three key words when it comes to his no skin interfaced bionic limbs. "Bionic limbs integrated to bone, nerves, and muscles" was published on 30 December 2014. In English.

Produced by: TEDx Göteborg

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