Wind Turbine and Wind Farm Models for Power System Stability Studies

Start date 01/01/2009
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2012
Wind power penetration in the power system has been reaching a level that is no longer negligible. Thus, wind turbine models that are able to correctly investigate the influence of wind power generation on power system stability are urgently needed. On the other hand, no standardized wind turbine model is currently available while most proposed wind turbine models are rarely validated.
The main purpose of the project is thus to provide validated generic wind turbine models for power system stability studies. The study will be based on the generic models proposed from the previous concluded study. The project comprises several tasks including:
Evaluation of existing built-in wind turbine models available in commercial power system simulation tools.
Validation of the generic wind turbine models against measurement data.
Grid integration study of wind power. The study focuses on reactive power responses of wind farms during and following faults on the regional network voltage stability.
The project is conducted as a part of a larger project named “Model development for power system analysis with a substantial wind energy capacity installed in the Nordic grid”, which involves Nordic and Baltic countries. The project is sponsored by Nordic Energy Research, Vattenfall and Svenska Kraftnät.
Nordic Energy Research
Svenska Kraftnät, Sweden
Vattenfall, Sweden
Vestas A/S, Denmark
Statkraft, Norway
ABB, Finland
Nelja Energia LLC, Estonia
VTT, Finland
Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Tallinn University of Technolgy, Estonia
Sintef, Norway​

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