Sustainable European Energy Systems

The research performed within the group has the overall aim of evaluating and proposing robust pathways, or bridging systems, towards a sustainable energy system in Europe for the time period up to 2050. The focus is on the transformation of stationary energy supply system although demand side related issues such as demand development, energy efficiency potentials and demand side management is also considered. An important research topic is to investigate the potential and impacts of a large-scale integration of renewable energy sources, for example wind, solar and biomass power, and the possible interaction of these sources with the present energy system.

A modelling package, including several energy system models, is developed by the research group. These models can be used separately or linked together depending on the geographical, time and system scope of the specific issue studied. Extensive databases are also developed including a detailed description of the present European electricity generation system and global fuel markets. They provide important input and complement to the modelling analysis and assessment of the development of the energy system.

The research indicates at the opportunities as well as challenges for Europe to transform the energy system to comply with the emission reductions targeted by, e.g., the European Commission.

Project leader
​Filip Johnsson
Your contact for communications
​Ulrika Claeson Colpier
External partners at the project
​Profu AB
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