Process-integrated evaporation in the pulp and paper industry

​This Ph.D. project investigates when process-integrated evaporation (PIvap) is an interesting energy-saving alternative. The concept of PIvap is to use excess heat from the rest of the mill in the evaporation plant to decrease the steam demand. The excess heat is found by pinch analysis. To evaluate the overall profitability, the value of the resulting steam savings are compared with the investments that are needed for PIvap.

PIvap has been shown to have a great economic potential in several studies performed at the research group of Heat and Power Technology. In this work, PIvap will be studied in both real mills and computer model mills.

Throughout the project, a simulation tool (called OptiVap) is used to estimate technical, economic and environmental opportunities. The simulation tool was created at the research group by a former Ph.D. student and it is further developed in this project. The tool is based on Excel sheets making use of Visual Basic.

Page manager Published: Mon 28 Oct 2013.