Operation and Planning of Smart Grid: Demand flexibility management and impacts on power systems and power markets

Start date 01/11/2011
End date The project is closed: 31/10/2016
This project focuses on modeling the participation of such demand-side flexibilities in the power markets and aims to formulate a model for the control of such flexible demands based on market price. The availability of storage capabilities also means an opportunity to participate in ancillary services market which will be studied. It is also important to investigate the impact of this method of control on the transmission and distribution network and its operation.
This project consists of the following specific tasks:
o    Model the participation of demand-side flexibilities arising from future plug-in electric vehicles and other controllable loads in the wholesale electricity and ancillary services market.
o    Modeling such flexibilities for technical studies within the smart-grid framework.
o    Perform studies to see the effect of price-based scheduling on power system operation.
o    Analyze the effects of such scheduling over different aspects of the power system such as balancing of renewable energy generation, congestion management and utilization of the distribution network.
North European Power Perspective (NEPP) program http://www.nepp.se/

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