How science is made socially useful

Start date 01/01/2008
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2013
The purpose is to develop a methodology to trace the effects of academic R&D and to understand the systemic determinants of the magnitude and character of these effects. This can be broken down in to three parts. First, by reviewing the international literature, an understanding of the many mechanisms for exploitation of academic R&D, including a range of indirect ones, will be developed. After acquiring this understanding, we will critically assess the Swedish literature on university-industry relations. Second, by conducting empirical studies, we will develop knowledge of how the outcome of academic research comes to use in society. Third, by applying a system perspective, we will explain the causal mechanisms behind the patterns observed in the utilization of academic research.
Project leader
Åsa Lindholm-Dahlstrand, Lund University
Your contact for information
​Staffan Jacobsson
All project members
Åsa Lindholm-Dahlstrand,
Staffan Jacobsson,
Eugenia Perez-Vico,
Jonas Gabrielsson,
Oxana Shveykina​
Övriga publikationer
Perez-Vico, E. and Jacobsson, S. (2012): Identifying, explaining and improving the effects of academic R&D – the case of nanotechnology in Sweden, forthcoming in Science and Public Policy.
Gabrielsson, J.,  Lindholm Dahlstrand, Å, and Politis, D. (2012) An empirical investigation of the characteristics and performance of patented academic inventions in Sweden, Paper presented at the 15th Uddevalla Symposium, University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal, June.
Diamanto Politis , Jonas Gabrielsson and Oxana Shveykina (2012) Early-stage finance and the role of external entrepreneurs in the commercialization of university generated knowledge, Venture Capital, Vol 14, No 2-3, pp 175-198.
Gabrielsson, J., Politis, D. and Lindholm Dahlstrand, Å. (2011) Patents and modes of commercialization: A study of the individual-opportunity nexus in technology settings. RENT XXV conference, Bodö, 16-18 November 2011.​​
VINNOVA, Chalmers University of Technology​
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology​

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