Maximizing wind power integration in local and regional grids

Start date 01/10/2010
End date The project is closed: 30/09/2015
As part of a working group on Large-Scale Renewable Electricity Generation and Grid Integration (SmartEl), the project focuses on maximizing wind power integration in local and regional grids. This requires determining the maximum wind power that can be installed at a given point in a grid though static and dynamic analyses while keeping in mind the profitability of the wind farm.
To this end currently the steady state analysis of the grid is being investigated. As reported in different literatures using deterministic approach to carry out the power flow analysis through mean or peak load and wind power is very conservative and unnecessarily limits wind power integration.  Thus there is a need to develop a probabilistic model of loads and wind speed for the grid being investigated. Due to the inherent correlation that exists among loads at different busses and wind speeds at different locations in the area, the load and wind speed modeling will be incomplete unless appropriate dependence modeling is included. Hence, dependence modeling based on copulas is used. Once the model of load and wind speed including the dependence structure is developed, appropriate analysis will be carried out to determine the maximum amount of wind that can be installed in the system based on steady state constraints; this is static analysis.  The static analysis also incorporates investigation of active management strategies such as wind power curtailment and wind turbine power factor control and reactive power compensation.
Next a dynamic analysis will follow.  In the dynamic analysis the dynamic effect of wind power on power quality of the system will be investigated. Moreover an investigation of operational aspects of a system with wind power will be included. These operational aspects include
§  when and how to curtail wind power
§  when and how to change the power factor of wind turbines for safe and efficient operation of the system
The dynamic analysis assures the efficient and safe operation of the local or regional grid with wind power.
The project is conducted as part of a larger project named “Large-Scale Renewable Electricity Generation and Grid Integration (SmartEl)” funded by Chalmers Energy initiative.​

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