Load factor project

Start date 01/11/2013
End date The project is closed: 30/10/2015

​Full project title: Increased transport efficiency through better utilisation of loading capacity

The aim of this project is to compile existing knowledge, to carry out awareness raising research and disseminate knowledge in order to increase the ability to exploit the potential for environmental improvements and cost savings for both society and industry by increasing load rate and keep down empty hauling in the freight transport system. The issues addressed are HOW LARGE this potential is, what can be done to realize this potential and the DIFFERENT ACTORS´ ROLES in this. Of special interest is to explore to what extent and in what way the freight owners can affect the load rate since it probably will not be enough to make the transport services more efficient and achieve desired environmental and economic goals. At a series of workshops research needs and assessment of possible potential will be identified and implementation objectives will be defined together with relevant stakeholders in an iterative process. Then research will be conducted in the identified areas to gain new knowledge. Finally, the knowledge is passed on to the organizations in tailored training programs. The training material will also be made freely available via the internet.


The research is carried out by the research centre Northern LEAD.
Northern LEAD

Organisations involved
​ABB, Findus, Dagab, LTS, Trafikverket, Trafikkontoret Göteborg
Project leader
​Magnus Blinge, Chalmers
Area of Advance
​Chalmers Area of Advance Transport

​Vinnova 2 436 000 SEK

LTS 800 000 SEK

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