Towards Improved Interactions in the Two-Way Flow of Risk-Related Chemical Information - The Cases

Start date 01/09/2007
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2012
The use of chemicals in daily products is immense. Increased insights into the flows of information about chemicals, from producers to users and vice versa, may lead to reductions of hazardous chemical exposures. This interdisciplinary research project is a cooperation between researchers at Chalmers University, Lund University, Malmö University and University College of Gaevle. Within the project, the distribution and interpretation of chemical information is analyzed with the aim to give a better understanding for how chemical information is distributed, interpreted and used.
Case studies of three types of consumer products, namely textile, toys and paint. It is studied how chemical risk information is communicated between different actors of a product chain as well as how chemical risk information is interpreted by different actors in society. Also processes of information feedback in product chains are studied
Mainly, the project will lead to better knowledge concerning information flows in the socio-technical systems for toys, textile and paint. Hopefully, this knowledge will lead to improved policy decisions and altered routines, and, in extension, to reduced chemical risks in society. ​
Project leader
​Mikael Klintman
All project members
Sverker Molander,
Mikael Klintman,
Ernst Hollander,
Jesper Sjöström,
Kristin Fransson,
Emelie Stenborg.
External partners at the project

Lund University,

Malmö University,

University College of Gaevle.​

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Formas - The Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning​

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