Grid Code testing by VSC-HVDC

Start date 01/03/2011
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2014
The project will develop methods; carry out simulations and laboratory test/measurements for Grid Code tests with a Voltage Source Converter. The wind turbine/generator system with a full size converter will be the test object. The project will also make recommendations to and take part in the full scale tests of the GE Wind turbine in Göteborg. The result from the laboratory work and the full scale tests will be used to evaluate the proposed methods of testing.
The result from the theory part and from the laboratory measurement will be a published in scientific papers and at conferences. Suggestions will also be made how to update the IEC-standards for Grid Code testing.

The following Work Packages will be conducted in the project:
1.    The different Grid Codes, from several countries, will be identified and the different requirements and tests will be categorized. The principle behavior, including the control, of transistor converters and analog gird simulators will be studied and documented.
2.    Studies will be carried out to identify typical dips and swells occurring in the grid voltage. Real measured data is available in some extent. By former cooperation in the Nordic Grid projects this information will be available.
3.    Simulation of the complete testing system with the wind turbine and the Voltage Source Converter (VSC) will be carried out. The VSC will emulate different grid situations according to the Grid Codes and the measurements from wind turbine installations.
4.    Laboratory tests are planned to confirm the simulations done in WP3. The transistor voltage source converters will be designed and constructed at Division of Electric power Engineering at Chalmers. The converter in Chalmers laboratory has the rated power of 50 kW. A typical wind turbine system consisting of a frequency converter and a generator will be used in the laboratory setup.
5.    Field test at full power is planned in Göteborg, Sweden. Measurements with the ABB 8 MW HVDC-Light system, connected to a GE 4 MW wind turbine, will be used to validate the Grid Code testing procedures.
A part of the project will be to carry out a minor literature and conference survey of: The development of Grid Codes and the implementation in IEC standards. Also the development of voltage source converters in respect of rated power, voltage, space and price will be followed.  Continual during the project there will be discussion, information exchange as well as minor design subtasks with the electric drive, optimal drive and control projects within the Centre.
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