Development of standards for functional requirements at underground facilities with respect to the chemical environment

Start date 01/01/2013
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2017

​Constructions in underground space represent interventions in the surrounding environments. This concerns mainly the hydrology but also other aspects such as the release of ion species from the host rock during and after excavation. During and after constructions, which go hand in hand with the excavations, further factors needs to be considered, which concerns mainly the new construction materials brought into the underground space:

  • Functionality of the new materials 
  • Interaction of the new materials with subsurface water
  • Durability of the new materials

All three factors are strongly influenced by the underground environment with the underground water constituting the transport media between the environment and the materials. The construction materials are mostly either cementitious or reinforcement for shotcrete and concrete parts (either as mesh, bars or fibers) as well as steel for rock bolts.

By means of integrated activities and studies on underground hydrochemistry, cement-based materials and corrosion processes, the general objective of the project proposal is to further develop standards to meet functional requirements at underground facilities with respect to the chemical environment in terms of groundwater chemistry and vault atmosphere composition.

Furthermore the project aims to provide a basis for constructing safer tunnels with cost-effective maintenance.


The project is carried out at the Division of GeoEngineering, reserach group Engineering Geology.

Keywords: Hydrochemistry, Corrosion, Chemical degradation, Rock bolts, Cementitious material

Project members

Project leader
Lars O Ericsson

Project members
​Lars O Ericsson
Fredrik Mossmark
Lars-Olof Dahlström
Jan Trädgård CBI
Urs Mueller CBI
Bror Söderholm KIMAB

Lars O Ericsson
External partners at the project
Chalmers Areas of Advance
​Built Environment

​Formas 5 499 kkr, Cementa 250 kkr, SKB 250 kkr, BeFO 250 kkr, SBUF 1 500 kkr, El-forsk 250 kkr

In-kindbudget: NCC 650 kkr, Nova 650 kkr, Besab 500 kkr, TRV 500 kkr, SGU 200 kkr, CBI 250 kkr, Swerea KIMAB 250 kkr, TGC 250 kkr

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