Frequency response by wind farms in islanded power systems with high wind power penetration

Start date 01/05/2012
End date The project is closed: 30/04/2017
As part of a working group on Large-Scale Renewable Electricity Generation and Grid Integration (SmartEl), the project focuses wind power integration of large wind farms and their interaction with the grid during frequency disturbances. The project will focus on grids with low electric inertia and the frequency support strategies that can be provided by large groups of variable speed wind turbines.
A power grid will be modeled containing various types of electric generation: including hydro, thermal, solar power and wind power. The frequency variation of the grid will be investigated during system disturbances, such as faults and power imbalance due to load and wind forecasting error in the system. These disturbances may even cause the regional or a local grid to move over to island operation, depending on the location and severity of the disturbances.
Variable speed wind turbines have the capability to support the frequency control of the system, even though such functionality is normally not implemented at the moment. This project will investigate various frequency support functionalities, e.g. inertia emulation, droop torque, of variable speed wind turbines during island operation of a regional grid. The behavior of the primary frequency response will be compared between doubly fed induction generator wind turbines and synchronous generator based fully rated converter wind turbines.
Furthermore, cases with active power support from energy-storage systems will also be evaluated with respect to different wind power penetration levels. A smaller energy storage could support the emulated inertia response during low wind conditions while the use of a larger unit could aid with power smoothening during forecasting errors.
Moreover, data recorded from SCADA-systems from grid faults will be used to evaluate the models and control strategies to verify and validate the models.
The project is conducted as part of a larger project named “Large-Scale Renewable Electricity Generation and Grid Integration (SmartEl)” funded by Chalmers Energy Initiative.

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