Biomass gasification project

The gasification project is closely connected to the Chalmers 2-4 MW biomass gasifier, commissioned in 2007, and has since then been successfully run every winter season for approximately 2000 h/yr, whereof 500 h/yr with fuel. A large scope of activities has been covered within this project, where the collaboration between Akademiska Hus, Chalmers, Göteborg Energi and Metso together with strategic funding via Chalmers Energy Initiative (CEI) and E.ON are the core. In parallel, a competence center in the area of indirect gasification of biomass (CIGB) was started in 2011 with equal funding from Academy, Industry and Swedish Energy Agency and is now operating at full-speed.

Focus in our group has been to exploit the operational possibilities offered by the existing setup, to close heat and mass balances in the gasifier, to investigate fuel particles transport and the effect of using an oxygen carrying material in the gasifier/boiler loop. Further, the possibility to use the chemical-looping reforming concept to reform tars has been assessed. In all these areas, successful experiments were performed and the knowledge level of the gasification process has been significantly raised.​

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Page manager Published: Mon 28 Oct 2013.