eNursing - operational support for improved teamwork, quality assurance, patient safety and perception of care

Start date 01/05/2016
End date The project is closed: 30/11/2016
​The concept of eNursing addresses the departmental day-to-day care work. The primary target group is nurses, etc. The focus is compliance with and adaptation of individual care plans, team work, and activities in and around the individual patient. eNursing UDI 1 aims to provide a basis for long-term successful research, development and innovation in the field, as well as in its continuation new and better commercial process support systems for which care, quality, patient safety and perception of care are key words. In addition to "traditional" ICT solutions and tools eNursing include the use of sensors that provide information about the patient's activity and status, as well as "smart home" solutions contributing to a positive health care experience. The solutions interact closely with other health care systems like ePR.

In order to successfully address this area – get the solutions accepted, the right design, sustainability, development, workflow introduction, evaluated and interoperable with other systems, wide collaboration between stakeholders and disciplines is required. In eNursing UDI 1 therefore stakeholders like companies, health care providers and academia are involved to:
•    find a common technology base supporting innovation and development, but still maintaining competition
•    define R&D challenges around design, care work, utility and introduction, as well as identify specific topics for UDI 2
•    based on project results, as well as existing and planned customer offerings, design eNursing demonstrators for hospital care and nursing home in an UDI 2
•    form basic conditions and framework to establish a national "open arena" focused on eNursing
•    identify additional parties to the UDI 2
•    prepare an UDI 2 application
​Project partners
•    Chalmers, inst. Signaler & System (eHealth)
•    Sahlgrenska Univ. Sjukhuset, VGR – Framtidens Vårdavdelning
•    Södra Älvsborgs Sjukhus (SÄS), VGR
•    Göteborgs Sjukhem, Tre Stiftelser – Särskilt boende
•    Test & Innovation, Reg. Östergötland, Univ.sjuk, Linköping
•    Chalmers, tekn ekon & organ., (Centre for Healthcare Improvement)
•    Högskolan Borås; Akademin för vård, arbetsliv och välfärd
•    Vårdförbundet
•    Ascom AB (eHealth)
•    Cambio AB (eHealth)
•    Domitor Consulting AB (eHealth)
•    NG Elektriska AB (Smarta hem)
​VINNOVA, Utmaningsdriven Innovation steg 1

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