DRONT - Driver response to transient disturbances on vehicles

Start date 01/01/2012
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2014

The overall aim of this postdoc project is to develop further knowledge on the driver’s performance when being exposed to transient forces. Situations to be considered are when the driver has access to a driver support system compared to not.

In addition to studying driver behaviour, drivers’ experience of the situation are to be investigated, in particular the situations when the driver support system has been triggered.

Anticipated outcomes of the project are further knowledge of driver performance when exposed to transient forces and the effect of driver safety systems on driver’s performance. The anticipated outcomes also include further knowledge on the design of simulator experiments including the aspects of side forces etc.

Projectleader: MariAnne Karlsson

​MariAnne Karlsson, mak@chalmers.se
External partners
Collaborations/Area of Advance

​The project is run in collaboration with the follosing divisions at Chalmers

  • Division of Fluid Dynamics (FD), Dept. Applied Mechanics
  • Division of Design & Human Factors (DHF), Dept of Product and Production Development
  • Division of Vehicle Engineering & Autonomous Systems (VEAS), Dept. Applied Mechanics

Area of Advance:

​Driver behaviour, side impacts, traffic safety

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