Combined Electric Power Generating Systems

Start date 01/01/2003
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2012

Combined Electric Power Generating Systems

Autonomous electrical power generating systems are that kind of systems, that have the capability to work and generate power totally independent from the conventional main power grids. The autonomous systems could be of different sizes, dependent on the field of application in question. The autonomous systems could be a way to solve the energy requirements for such regions that are far away from the main grid. There are a lot of needs, existing and coming, for these special systems. Examples of applications are power generation for small villages in the developing countries. These villages are very often located far from the main grid. One common way to solve the energy problem in these situations is to use diesel operated generators. Of course these type of electric power generating systems serve its function. But on the other hand they are not very harmless to the environment. For the future there are a need of more environment friendly solutions that make use of renewable resources eg wind and sun. The objective of this research project is to analyse autonomous electrical power generating systems that fulfill aspects of this latter.

The systems consist in this case of 4 subsystems:

- Wind power system(s)
- Sun power system(s) (PV-applications)
- Diesel system(s) (as back up)
- Power accumulator system(s) (eg fuel cells)
The project is divided into 2 main parts, modelling resp realization of a test system.


​Developing of a mathematical model to be used for simulations. This model includes the separate subsystems and also the connection to a grid. The model is general in that way that different essential parameters are possible to test in respect of power quality and economics. Different system sizes, mixing of the subsystems and sizes of the grid in question, are examles of essental parameters. The more detailed design of the individual subsystems are other parameters that are interesting to evaluate.
Test system
​Developing of a test system to be used for model validation and for demonstration activities. The base of this system is Hönö wind power plant. Around this plant the other subsystems are added. The adaption work to realise the total system includes a lot of practical considerations. The main purpose for the test system is to give validation possibilities for the model work. This means that the system is designed to be very flexible. The second purpose for the test system is to act as a demonstrator for use in education.

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