Effektiv ÅTERtillverkning genom användning av leanprinciper och PROUKTlivscykeldata (ÅTER PRODUKT)

Purpose and aim
The purpose of this project is to develop supporting methods for the implementation of lean principles and effective use of product lifecycle data increasing the competitiveness of Swedish remanufacturing companies. Remanufacturing is a complicated process mainly due to uncertainties in the condition of incoming products. The application of lean-principles and product lifecycle data reduces these uncertainties. This development aims towards more efficient and eco-friendly remanufacturing processes.

Effects and results
Improved remanufacturing processes through reduced lead-times, lower costs, better ecologic performance, and higher product quality. Methods for information exchange in the product lifecycle, i.e. feed forward from product development, customer use, production, and maintenance. Similarly, feedback from remanufacturing to product development to reach design for remanufacturing. Also, improved user involvement and business models enabling effective use of product lifecycle information.

Partner organizations

  • UBD Cleantech (Private, Sweden)
  • Toyota Material Handling Sweden (Private, Sweden)
  • Linköping University (Academic, Sweden)
  • Inrego (Private, Sweden)
  • Tetra Pak (Private, Sweden)
  • Qlean (Private, Sweden)
  • LTB Jobb (Private, Sweden)
Start date 02/09/2013
End date The project is closed: 03/10/2016

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