Advanced biorefinery concepts and oil refineries: evaluation of integration options

Start date 01/03/2011
End date The project is closed: 30/04/2016

With increasing concerns about higher energy prices, greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel availability, the interest for both advanced process integration measures and renewable feedstock increases considerably. This project is focused on the study of interactions between new technologies and existing processes in oil refining plants. More specifically, new technologies investigated are pathways to produce heat, power, fuels or chemicals from renewable feedstock such as biomass.

An important part of this project is to perform process integration studies including both the new concepts and the existing, on-site processes in order to identify optimal integration approaches. Process simulation is often required to build the data set used in such work. These options are then evaluated and compared in terms of technical and environmental aspects. This project is performed in the form of a Ph.D. and is part of a broad research cooperation between Chalmers and Preem AB.​

Project leader
All project members
​Jean-Florian Brau, Thore Berntsson, Matteo Morandin, Per-Åke Franck
External partners at the project
​Preem AB
Preem AB
Chalmers Energy Initiative​

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