Yeast cell factories for advanced biofuels and microbial robustness, part 2

Development of high throughput techniques for cell factory design, both genome editing and high throughput evaluation. The targets will apply to bioethanol production and syngas conversion and other targets in the biorefinery perspective. To build up such a platform is new and important to accelerate strain engineering with different targets. Yvonne Nygård, assistant professor at Department of Biology and Biological Engineering, is responsible for these activities and the profile funding will go to coverage of part of her salary.
In an effort of supplying efficient biocatalysts for lignocellulose conversion, novel approaches to improve sugar and carbohydrate utilization will be made. This includes cell factories producing
carbohydrate-acting enzymes that can take care of oligomeric/polymeric carbohydrates. Assistant professor Cecilia Geijer, Department of Biology and Biological Engineering is working on these aspects. Furthermore, this work package will be a foundation to build collaborations in an international perspective, for instance several EU applications have been filed the last year (by prof. Lisbeth Olsson and Cecilia Geijer).

Start date 01/01/2020

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