Women Architects and 1968

Women Architects and 1968 focuses, in a first instance, on women graduates from Chalmers School of Architecture in Sweden. Reclaiming the varying contributions by women to the built environment, as practicing architects but also, and especially, in other capacities, can point to the diversification of architectural and urban production throughout the 1970s, and the various ways in which architects attempted to contribute to wider society, environmental challenges, and the urban struggle. In focusing on women after 1968  the research aims to show how architects (of all genders) have adopted alternative roles to the dominant figure of the prolific designer and beyond conventional professional practice, such as, for example, in heritage and conservation struggles, housing associations, public administrations, collective living experiments, community groups, (urban) grassroots movements, and as editors, writers, educators, and campaigners.

Because the study of women after 1968 is complicated by various archival, historiographical, and epistemological challenges, this project, in addition to pilot research in Sweden, also addresses wider methodological questions and chellenges through setting architectural studies in dialogue with other relevant fields including, among others, feminist historiography, archival studies, and philosophy of science.

Start date 01/01/2019
End date 31/12/2022

Published: Tue 25 Feb 2020.