ULYSSES - Wind Propulsion

The project is about design, installation and operation of a wind propulsion system – Flettner rotors. The Flettner rotor can also be used for sailing boats as a propulsion method, and in principle, the technique can be used as a flow control method to reduce the drag for vehicles and turbo-machines. By using wind propulsion, one could be able to achieve a substantial reduction of operating costs, fuel consumption and emissions from maritime transport.
The Flettner rotor has been known for a long time. It is a spinning cylinder mounted on the deck. The rotor generates a lift force perpendicular to the direction of the flow, which can be used for thrusting the ship forward. The magnitude of the lift can be more than ten times as big as that of a conventional airfoil. Although many believe that the principle had been well studied, the flow around the rotor is very complex. Especially the viscosity effect is still not fully understood. Both Experimental Fluid Dynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics are being used to study the flow around the single rotating cylinder as well as the multiple rotating cylinders with respect to the interaction.
Project objective
The objective is to investigate the mathematical modeling of the propulsive force of a single rotor and also multiple rotors with aspects regarding scaling laws and interaction effects, both with respect to rotor/rotor and rotor/hull interaction.


All researchers in this project

Wei Zhang - Chalmers Department of Shipping and Marine Technology,
Rickard Bensow - Chalmers Department of Shipping and Marine Technology,
Valery Chernoray - Chalmers Department of Applied Mechanics,
Maxim Golubev - Chalmers Department of Applied Mechanics,

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