Ways to Improving Indoor Environmental Quality in Swedish Schools

Many of Swedish schools experience problems with inadequate indoor environmental quality (IEQ). This is a serious problem, since good IEQ promotes school children’s health, well-being and learning ability. Systematic investigations are required in order to find efficient measures to mitigate IEQ-problems. The proposed project aims at systematic assessment and ranking of IEQ in schools. A selection of schools with varying frequency of reported complaints will be investigated. The investigation will include objectively measured parameters and subjectively assessed qualities. The measurements comprise ventilation rate, levels of CO2, temperature, relative humidity, selected air pollutants. The subjective assessments will be documented by questionnaire surveys about thermal climate and perceived acceptability of IEQ. Technical design and status of the buildings will be documented regarding building age, building construction, ventilation solutions etc. The collected data will be used as basis for ranking of the buildings with respect to thermal comfort and indoor air quality. One comprehensive indoor environmental index (IEI) will be determined for each school. Statistical bivariate and multivariate models will be utilized to search for correlations between the IEQ and the technical solutions. The schools with superior IEQ will serve as examples in development of recommendations for improvement in the other buildings and also for construction of new schools buildings.

Start date 01/01/2018
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2020

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