Waterjet-Hull Interaction

Water jets can be beneficial to use as a propulsion system for some vessels where common propeller installations are not applicable or efficient any more. This concerns e.g. operation in shallow water, where a protruding propeller suffers from risk of damage from collision, or at high speeds.

Although water jet propulsion has been used for more than five decades, and the individual components, intake, pump, etc., have been successively refined, there are still many aspects of the behaviour of the system that is less explored. This concerns especially the interaction between the waterjet unit and the ship hull.

Project objective
The aim of this project is to investigate which are the main parameters that play a significant role in this interaction and how they contribute to the performance of the vessel propulsion. Developing computational models, the interaction effects are studied by both potential flow and RANS simulation tools. A better understanding of these effects together with better tools to predict the behavior will lead to a better matched, and thereby more efficient, propulsion system.

Page manager Published: Fri 22 Apr 2016.