WASP - Wind assisted ship propulsion

Global and NSR shipping contributes to 3% of anthropogenic emissions and increases. High wind potentials in the North Sea and innovative automated WPT; suction wings, flettner rotors, rigid, soft wings can harvest wind energy for propulsion and contribute to decarbonisation of transport.

Rising oil prices, emission reduction directives, ETS, IMO GHG strategy mean that WPT is increasingly commercially viable. WPT can be installed on existing as well as new build ships. WPT is future proof and offers quick solutions to save fuel costs and emissions up between 10% to 30%. Promising WPT are in operation now, like on the Ro-Ro Estraden, LR2 Tanker Pelican and the Fehn Pollux, they inspire the market to trial new WPT. Expertise about WPT in operation is poor, fragmented over different players in the NSR.

For WPT market adoption, third party validation of performance (capital/operational cost) and proven concepts are needed. WASP will set up and connect new and existing WPT NSR real life trials, create credible (third party) validated data and improve WPT concepts which will enable market penetration of WPT solutions and contribute to a greener sea transport. Transnational cooperation will the create critical mass required for market adoption.

5 real life trials will be realised on ships in operation, Universities and Naval architects will improve WPT, validate performance data and develop viable business models.

Partner organizations

  • Wijnne Barends (Private, Netherlands)
  • Color Line Marine AS (Private, Norway)
  • European Federation for Transport and Environment (Non Profit, Belgium)
  • KU Leuven (Academic, Belgium)
  • Boeckmans Ship Management (Private, Belgium)
  • van Dam Shipping (Private, Netherlands)
  • International Windship Association (Private, United Kingdom)
  • NL Maritime Technology Forum (Private, Netherlands)
  • Nord University (Academic, Norway)
  • Kühne Logistics University (Academic, Germany)
  • HHX.blue (Private, Germany)
  • Scandlines Gedser-Rostock (Private, Denmark)
  • Danish Ecocouncil (Private, Denmark)
  • SSPA Sweden AB (Private, Sweden)
Start date 15/08/2019
End date 15/01/2023

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