Visions of residential futures

Start date 01/01/2008
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2011

Housing in Transformation

Nordic-Baltic Researcher Network VISURF supported by NordForsk 2008-2011
Coordinated by Chalmers Architecture, Göteborg Sweden, Sten Gromark, Professor PhD Sociologist Architect SAR/MSA,
This Nordic-Baltic consortium focuses on urban residential transformation processes and their impacts on life quality. The consortium is a trans-disciplinary R&D oriented group combining architectural housing design and residential sociology with economical and technical expertise. The outcome of the NordForsk supported researcher network activities includes knowledge-based new visions, operational strategies for action and guidelines for reorienting future housing policies. The intention is to devise a re-conceptualized platform to bring dynamic synergetic effects to network activities focused around joint research, degree level education with the aim to integrate other EU partners. Activities will comprise coordinated cooperation on applications for EU FP7; PhD and Master cooperation through a series of Researcher NetWork Colloquiums, study tour exchanges and continuous development of relations with international institutions and stakeholders in practice. A Research Symposium on Architecture and Sociology in Trans-Disciplinary Perspective will be arranged 2011. Benefits will be the reinforcement of experiences across participating countries and invigorated research on social and cultural interpretations of residential spaces and home cultures with crucial implications for life opportunities, building market conditions and sustainable practices. We aim at a reinforced co-operation after the grant period and to constitute the network as an important dynamic partner of excellence in relation to both EU and intercontinental research activities.
Members of the NetWork

​Members of the VISURF NordForsk Researcher NetWork

    Sten Gromark (SE) Coordinator, Head of national team, architectural sociology & philosophy, Chalmers School of Architecture, Professor of Modern & Residential Architecture, PhD, Sociologist, Architect SAR/MSA, Director of Master Programme MPARC in Architecture,
    Ola Nylander (SE) residential architectural design research, Architect SAR/MSA, Professor of Housing Architecture, PhD, Chalmers School of Architecture, Göteborg,
    Fredrik Nilsson (SE) architectural research, Professor of Architectural Theory, PhD, Architect SAR/MSA, Chalmers School of Architecture, Göteborg;
    Katrin Paadam (EE) Co-coordinator, Head of national team, urban residential sociology, Tallinn University of Technology, School of Economics and Business Administration, Professor of Sociology, PhD, Coordinator CIB W69 Housing Sociology,
    Liis Ojamäe (EE) urban residential sociology, Tallinn University of Technology, School of Economics and Business Administration, Researcher, MA, PhD,
    Roode Liias (EE) facilities management & construction, Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Building Production, Professor PhD, Dean of Faculty,;
    Kaarel Kilvits (EE) economics, Tallinn University of Technology, School of Economics and Business Administration,  Director of the Institute of Public Economy, Professor of Economics, PhD;
    Eli Støa (NO) Co-coordinator, Head of national team, architecture & housing design research, NTNU Trondheim, Professor of Housing, Dr Ing,
    Berit Nordahl (NO) housing research, Research Director, Senior Researcher PhD, NIBR, Oslo
    Mervi Ilmonen (SF) Head of national team, urban housing sociology, Aalto University, School  of Science and Technology, Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, Senior Researcher,,
    Eric Pollock (SF) sustainability & accessibility aspects, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Civil Engineering, Senior Lecturer, Architect SAFA;
    Hedvig Vestergaard (DK) Head of national team, housing and urban economics, Department for Town, housing and property, Danish Building Research Institute (SBi), Aalborg University,;
    Christian Deichmann Haagerup (DK), housing economics and construction activity, Department for Town, housing and property, Danish Building Research Institute (SBi), Aalborg University,
    Natalija Lepkova (LT) Head of national team, facilities management, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Associate Professor, PhD, Engineer;
    Gintaras Stauskis (LT), Urban planning and design, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Associate Professor, PhD, Architect and urban designer;
    Jón Rúnar Sveinsson (IS) Head of national team, research on individual housing, Sociologist, Reykjavik Academy, Reykjavik;
    Sigríður Kristjánsdóttir (IS) Agricultural University of Iceland, Faculty of Environmental Sciences; Assistant Professor,

Associated EU and International Network Partners:

    Kathleen Scanlon (DK and UK) urban economics, Msc Researcher SBI Hörsholm & London School of Economics, London;
    Michel Bonetti, (FR) Cstb, Paris, urban residential sociology, Sociologist, Senior Researcher, Laboratoire de Sociologie Urbaine Générative, Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment, Paris.
    Iskra Dandolova, (BG) Housing and Urban Research Association (HURA), Sofia, PhD, architectural sociology, Senior Researcher, Architect & Sociologist,
    Dag Boutsen, (BE) Architect, Department of Architecture Sint-Lucas, Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst, Brussels/Ghent, Head of School, Brussel, België; PhD Student at Chalmers Architecture,;
    Caroline Newton, (BE) Architect, Urban Designer & Political Scientist, PhD, Department of Architecture Sint-Lucas, Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst, Brussels/Ghent, Brussel, België;
    Gavin McLachlan, (SA) Professor, Architect, Director, School of Architecture, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa;
    Karina Landman, (SA) Senior Lecturer, Architect and Urban Designer, PhD, University of Pretoria, Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, Pretoria, South Africa;
Objectives of the NetWork

​VISURF - Objectives of the NordForsk Researcher NetWork

The objectives of the network activities are the following:

  •     to compare the experiences and knowledge gathered in the participating countries
  •    to define actions and strategies for sustainable housing development - given both existing housing practice and accentuated changing housing cultures
  •    to reconceptualise the housing research and policy with international co-operation and with increased interaction between the different actors in the field: producers, researchers, planners and users
  •     to understand and re-conceptualise changing residential cultures of diverse groups in the field; including focuses on individuals’ social needs, economic position as well as cultural dispositions – meaning of home, residential values, attitudes, preferences, taste for design, life project realization – and professional urban planning
  •    to develop consistent strategies for the production and the management of sustainable urban housing and housing areas with potentially greater life qualities and opportunities for citizens on European level
  •   to identify and analyse sustainable housing principles, which concern planning, design, use, property management and maintenance for today’s markets in regard to altering ownership and tenure relations and changing individual and public responsibilities
  •    to develop new understanding and applicable models for future housing policies and visions of residential futures on a European level.
In order to achieve these aims a better international research co-operation is needed. Following this a closer interaction between the different actors and stakeholders based on a more profound knowledge on the impacts of transforming residential structures and emerging new home cultures is critical if significant results are to be obtained.
The consortium members consider that research on urban and residential issues has so far primarily been conducted within established individual disciplinary boundaries with insufficient insights into the nature and potentials of crucial links which connects these supplementary approaches. We conceive that this emerging complexity, characterising the situation in the field, calls for an innovative multifold approach.
This project intends to address these problematics in a trans-disciplinary perspective of mutual exchanges at the crossing points between sociological, architectural and economic knowledge, on the one hand, and between academic research and practice, on the other hand.

Expected Nordic and Future EU Benefits:

  •     Further enhanced exchange and reinforcement of common experiences across and between Nordic and Baltic countries based upon former cooperation activities and the future establishment of a cross-disciplinary NordForsk supported Researcher Network within this particular field of research to be stepwise extended at the European and international level.
  •     The formulation of a joint Nordic-Baltic research strategy and re-conceptualized approach as a basis for renewed research on the societal impacts of transformations of residential spaces and home cultures to life quality opportunities for EU citizens and for building market conditions, to be finalized in an EU FP7 application 2011. 

VISURF NordForsk Researcher Network Project Milestones Time Table

•    January 2008 First meeting NordForsk Seed Money Project 2008 in Helsinki with Architect SAFA Eric Pollock, Staadia
•    June 13-15 2008 Tallinn 24th CIB W69 Conference Ways of Residing in Transdisciplinary Perspective, TUT, with Professor Katrin Paadam, papers and proceedings awaiting publication.
•    September 4-8 2008 Vilnius EU FP7 NordForsk Seed Money Project 2008, Partners Colloquium, with Associate Professor Natalija Lepkova
•    September 21-23 2008 NSBB Hanasaari Conference Helsinki with HUT/YTK Senior Researcher Mervi Ilmonen
•    April 21-23 2009 NordForsk VISURF Researcher NetWork Colloquium #1 Trondheim, Norway,  NTNU with Professor Eli Støa, ‘Multi-disciplinary perspectives on housing qualities’
•    September 23-25 2009 VISURF Team participation NSBB Housing Conference ‘Byer, Boliger og Planlægning’, Rungstedgård, Denmark.
•    October 9-11 2009 W69 25th CIB Conference ‘Residential Heritage and Modern Life Qualities’  Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, Senior Researcher Iskra Dandolova, VISURF Researcher Network Colloquium #2
•    October 16 2009 VISURF Researcher Team contribution to EU/SA Research Seminar organized by the South African Embassy in Brussels on the subject of ‘Opportunities for international research cooperation related to housing and urban settlements’ in collaboration with Daan du Toit, Minister Councellor.
•    October 2009 Publication of the collective research work anthology by Arild Holt-Jensen & Pollock, Eric, Eds. (2009). Urban Sustainability and Governance; New Challenges in Nordic-Baltic Housing Policies. NY, Nova Publishers, Inc., NY with contributions from several VISURF team members.
•    February 10-15 2010 Consortium Mid-Term Assessment Meeting #3, Iceland with Jón Rúnar Sveinsson, Reykjavik Academy, and Sigríður Kristjánsdóttir; Reykjavik, VISURF Researcher Network Colloquium #3
•    June 16-19 Meeting #4 of National Leaders, Tallinn, Conference & Publication Preparation ’11.
•    July 7-10 2010 Team participation and paper presentation at 24th AESOP Conference Helsinki; NordForsk VISURF Researcher NetWork Colloquium #5 Helsinki HUT/YTK with Senior Researcher Mervi Ilmonen
•    July 11-17 2010 Participation XVII Sociology World Conference, Göteborg, Sweden
•    October 7-10, 2010, Visby Meeting #6 National Leaders, Conference, National Survey and Preparation for Applications and Publications
•    January 26-30, 2011, Köpenhamn Meeting #7 National Leaders, Conference Planning, Application Preparation and EAAE Conference with Hedvig Vestergaard, SBi
•    Jan/Feb 2011 Targeted EU FP7 SSH Application on July 30th Call 2010, finalization & projected delivery
•    March 2011 Targeted Application to NordForsk PhD Training Course 2012-13
•    September 22-25 2011 Projected concluding VISURF International NordForsk Researcher NetWork Colloquium #8 on ‘Visions of Residential Futures : Architecture and Sociology’ in Göteborg, Chalmers Architecture, Sweden.
Consortium member's references

​VISURF Consortium member's references

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Housing Situation and important Housing and Planning policy Issues in the VISURF Countries

​Housing Situation and important Housing and Planning policy Issues in the VISURF Countries


Housing Situation and important Housing and Planning policy Issues in the VISURF Countries

International Visurf Nordic-Baltic Colloquium

​Visions of Residential Futures
Housing in Transformation

Göteborg, Sweden, Chalmers Architecture 22-23 (24-25) September 2011
Sten Gromark e-mail:, Chalmers Sweden, Katrin Paadam, TUT Estonia & Eli Støa, NTNU Norway

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