Virtual commissioning of manufacturing stations

Start date 19/02/2009
End date The project is closed: 01/01/0001

The purpose of this project is to create an energy efficient, time and cost efficient preparation procedure of production systems for complex products. The project will also contribute to energy efficient and flexible production systems with a reduced number of discarded parts. The project is a co-operation between both vehicle manufacturer and suppliers, which is crucial to effectively reach the main goals.

It will be possible to handle a growing variety of vehicles related to environmental requirements on CO2 emissions by designing more flexible manufacturing stations. The purpose is also to increase human and machine safety by performing virtual simulation and verification of all involved components, such as robots, conveyors, turntables and fixtures, within a station.

The main point is that information should only be created once. The project will integrate preparation activities and tools in order to increase preparation efficiency. The main aim is to extend early process design and mechanical simulation with control logics to ensure correct behavior. With current technique it is hard, however, to include sensors and PLC logics although it is technically possible with software such as Process & Line Simulate and Delmia Automation.

The project results will be integrated in existing activities at the involved companies as well as in a physical demonstrator that will be built at Chalmers.

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