Virtual Robust Design and Simulation

Start date 01/01/2010
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2014
The overall aim is to create a framework for virtual robust design (RD) that supports ecological and economical sustainability. The project will cover an over-all company level as well as a detailed technical level.

The research questions are:
  • How does joining processes affect ecological and economical sustainability?
  • How does joining order affect ecological and economical sustainability?
  • How can RD principles and practices be used and developed to support sustainable industrial product development?
  • How does the choice of material affect the ecological and economical sustainability?

Project leaders
Rickard Söderberg (overall), Ida Gremyr (at the Department of Technology Management and Economics)
All project members
Johan Carlsson, Rickard Söderberg, Ida Gremyr,Klicka här för att lägga till nytt innehåll Hendry Raharjo, Vanajah Siva
Robust Design, Sustainable Product Development, Sustainable Production Initiative
Strategic Research Funding      
 Sustainable Production Initiative

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