Virtual Produktion Planning with the help of BIM and visualization, Phase III

The purpose of this R&D project is to develop further, implement and validate the work that has already begun on a new planning method, Virtual Production Planning (VPP).


The purpose of the method is to use digitization, 3D visualization and the BIM model in this planning method. VPP would thereby help to facilitate communication, understanding and reduce misunderstandings. Also, the information in BIM will be used more efficiently as information created in the model follows through the chain at an early stage and thus creates better-informed decisions.


The intention of the working method is also to get different actors involved in the project to collaborate and use each other's knowledge and experience by jointly virtually building and planning the production of the building object before carrying out the planning production. The idea is to disassemble the BIM model into buildable components which are distributed to the various responsible professional groups who then resource and time them. The model and its components are then built together in the correct order jointly by the participants.


In this stage III, the focus will be on evaluating the developed VPP system and its process. The idea is that the final VPP system will be tested and evaluated in real projects and thereby study the effects and the contribution to the planning and production process. The goal is to achieve better planning and ultimately, a more efficient and productive production.

Partner organizations

  • Peab Sverige, Göteborg (Private, Sweden)
Start date 01/11/2018
End date The project is closed: 31/03/2021

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