Via Appia - ICT, apps and smart dispatching for improved traffic safety, reduced injuries and mortality

Objective and Goal: At a traffic accident, the correct rescue resources shall be dispatched quickly. Via Appia is a concept for how an increasing proportion of accident alarms can be handled and prioritized, smartphones increase road safety, and new services with alarm functionality packaged. The project studies technical, business and research pre-requisites, as well as opportunities for sustainable improvements in road safety. The goal is reduced number of deaths and injuries, as well as social costs, as a result of road accidents as well as new opportunities for innovative business development.

Partner organizations

  • Volvo Group (Private, Sweden)
  • irezQ (Private, Sweden)
  • SOS Alarm (Private, Sweden)
  • Posifon (Private, Sweden)
  • If Skadeförsäkring AB (Private, Sweden)
Start date 01/01/2015
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2015

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