Variation simulation of light weight assemblies

Start date 01/07/2008
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2013

​New environment requirement and regulations aiming at a sustainable society has a huge impact on future products and product realization. This motivates a strong focus on light weight products. For the automotive industry, future challenges on low fuel consumption and C02-levels, drives development towards lighter vehicles with light weight components. Therefore, the automotive industry investigates to which extent sheet metal components can be replaced by plastic components. New product concepts based on an increased level of polymer parts, result in new challenges during design, verification and production.

​The goal of this project is generate new knowledge, tools and methods to perform variation simulations for light weight assemblies including plastic and rubber parts.

Project leader: Rikard Söderberg

​​Rikard Söderberg,
External partners

​Volvo Cars, AB Volvo, Ortoma, Konstruktionsbakelit, Ascom, Plastal, Swerea/IVF

Area of Advance/Collaboration


​Wingquist Laboratory
Geometry Assurance & Robust Design

Tolerance, Robust Design, Variation Simulation, Light weight material, Polymers, Perceived quality
​SSF (ProViking): 12.500 kSEK

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