Värmeströmsfluktuationer och dens inverkan på lokala temperaturer och potentialer

This project deals with heat-current fluctuations in nanoelectronic devices in quantum thermodynamics. Even though mostly disregarded so far, they are important: On one hand, due to the ever increasing sensitivity of devices, the performance limitations due to heating nowadays derive from the fluctuations of heat flows (rather than from the average flux). On the other hand, the tremendous experimental progress in detecting, controlling and exploiting heat currents at the nanoscale, motivates to establish a heat noise spectrocopy: This means that we study heat-current fluctuations in nanoelectronic devices to obtain deep new insights into fundamental device properties, which are inaccessible by average heat- and charge currents.The project is divided into three interconnected research lines. (1) In superconducting junctions of high interest for applications we examine the origin of heat current fluctuations and develop routes to control them. (2) We explore the benefits of thermoelectric detectors with the aim to measure heat current fluctuations via temperature and potential fluctuations. (3) We extend our study of electronic heat-current fluctuations to the fluctuating heat transfer from electrons to phonons.This innovative research on heat-current fluctuations addressing both electrons and phonons uses complementary theoretical methods (scattering approach and Green´s function) and will guide the development of new experiments in the active field of quantum thermodynamics.

Start date 01/01/2019
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2022

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