Urban Materiality - towards New Collaborations in Textile and Architectural Design

Start date 01/01/2016
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2018
Focus in the research project is on exploring and developing the field of textile architecture. In the project, we will be examining whether textile structures and architectural structures could be melted into something new, with benefits from both fields, and to show new applications for the field of textile design on larger scales in urban environments, which could enlarge and enrich both fields. This would be the starting point for a new interdisciplinary research environment based on both textile and architectural design including sound design. Textile design is often associated with being two-dimensional and architecture being three-dimensional structures. Building materials are close to both body and mind and indicate the more intimate scale of the built environment; a perspective that is traditionally emphasized within the field of textile design. “Textile architecture” today is normally what is expected from textile or architectural design depending on which field that has been the point of departure, and projects where both competences are combined, stretched and tested need to be realized.
Project leader
Kristina Fridh, HDK, GU
Swedish Research Council, Artistic research

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