UWB Transparent Antennas for Autonomous Vehicles by New Bowtie Antenna and Nano Mesh Technologies

 The purpose is to provide solutions for the challenge of the limited placement area with the requirements of more and more RF antennas on autonomous vehicles. The objective is the feasibility investigation of our transparent Bowtie antenna technology by simulations and prototyping, which includes development of new transparent Bowtie antenna geometries, simulation investigation of the effect of the density of nano meshes on radiation efficiency, and prototyping and measurement verifications. We have fulfilled the requirements of all the goals even under the corona virus crisis. Expected results and effects: Important results are the followings. 1) The developed new side ground plane with good radiation performance and better transparency; 2) The optimized Bowtie antenna; 3) The effect of the density of the nano mesh and the optimal value obtained by simulations; 4) The prototype of Bowtie array antenna with good measured performance. With these results, the full development of this technology will not have fundamental obstacles. This technology will offer a unique solution to antenna systems in future autonomous vehicles, with glass and lamp antenna for radar/sensor systems. Approach and implementation: Designs and optimizations of several single elements and 2x2 small arrays have been carried out, and simulations of different densities of nano mesh implemented in the antenna array with feeding lines have been performed and analyzed. A prototype of Bowtie array on substrate PEN (Polyethylene naphthalate, a transparent material) has been implemented, manufactured and measured with good performance, which proves the feasibility of this idea. One of the important next steps is to contact vehicle glass manufactures and implement transparent antennas in glass in future full project.

Partner organizations

  • Gapwaves AB (Private, Sweden)
Start date 04/11/2019
End date The project is closed: 13/03/2020

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