Together we build – a method for young self-builders to create homes and meeting places

Together we build is about spreading knowledge to young people about an innovative design method for self-builders. Target groups are "newly arrived" young people and youths who grew up in the area. The purpose is utilization of knowledge that have been developed in two Vinnova-funded projects at Tjörn. The project involves the Municipality of Tjörn and a number of experts on codesign. The idea is to use young people to reach young people. We develop a strategy for young people to act as "motor" when it comes to attracting young people to want to build their own homes. By combining "learning by doing" with a strategy of "food as a magnet", they get empowered and learn to build by designing and building an outdoor kitchen together. In a parallel strategy, they learn filming and film editing, are given the task of making interviews during the process and shaping short films to present at a number of events where it comes young people. It is thus the development of the design method that is in focus, and the sense of increased power that it through "learning by doing" transfer to young people, which makes them ready to imagine the idea of shaping and building their own homes. The long-term goal is to enhance Egnahemsfabriken’s support structure to make it working well also for young people, so that youths are reached when the support structure in the long run is scaled up to other municipalities in the country.

Partner organizations

  • Studieförbundet vuxenskolan (SV) (Non Profit, Sweden)
  • Egnahemsfabriken (Non Profit, Sweden)
  • Tjörns kommun (Public, Sweden)
Start date 01/11/2019
End date The project is closed: 31/10/2021

Page manager Published: Tue 21 Jul 2020.