The use of textiles in an acoustic context

Start date 01/10/2009
End date The project is closed: 01/11/2015

The project is about the use of textile in an acoustic context and is in cooperation between SP, The Swedish School of Textiles and Chalmers. The goal is to understanding how textile materials can be used to enhance the acoustic properties for different type of rooms.  Class rooms have been studied as typical example. The building of a bridge between the worlds of textiles and acoustics is also an important goal with this project.


The project is carried out at the Division of Applied Acoustics.

Keywords: Acoustic textiles, room acoustics, classroom, porous absorbers, resonance absorber, panel absorber, woven fabric, knitted fabric, nonwoven material

Project members

​Project leader
Karl Tillberg

Project members
Wolfgang Kropp
Dag Glebe
Margareta Zetterblom

Karl Tillberg

External partners at the project
​The Swedish School of Textiles at University of Borås and SP – Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Chalmers Areas of Advance

Built Environment
Material Science

​TEKO foundation through the Smart Textiles initiative at University of Borås and SP - Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

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