The circular kitchen 2.0 from prototyp to implementation

The kitchen is a central but also a resource intensive function of the home regarding its daily use and premature changes and replacements. The project evaluates and refines a prototype for a circular kitchen with digital services to extend the lifespan (e.g. maintenance and repair) and facilitate upgrades and replacements. The project is based on earlier research on renovation and changes of the interior in homes, and is the direct continuation of the EIT Climate-KIC (EU) project ”The Circular Kitchen”. The project conducts scientific research on kitchen use, and on processes for transitions towards more circularity in the building sector. Practice-based research through collaborative design, full-scale tests and evaluations are central to the project. Collaborative partners in the project are Jemmet - a housing developer with a high sustainability profile, ASKO/ATAG - an international producer of kitchen appliances, Nobia - an international kitchen producer and HSB Living Lab - a demonstration and innovation arena at Chalmers Campus Johanneberg.

Partner organizations

  • ASKO/ATAG (Private, Netherlands)
  • HSB Living Lab (Private, Sweden)
  • Nobia (Private, Sweden)
  • Jemmett AB (Private, Sweden)
Start date 01/12/2021
End date 30/11/2023

Funded by

  • Region Västra Götaland (Public, Sweden)
  • Formas (Public, Sweden)

Page manager Published: Wed 26 Jan 2022.