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Textile Reinforced Concrete for Future Homes

Start date 01/09/2011
End date The project is closed: 01/09/2016

​This project is a part of FORMAS funded Homes for Tomorrow and is carried out as a PhD. within the Concrete Structures research group.
It focuses on the durability of Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC) exposed to varied environments.

TRC is a recently developed alternative building material which replaces steel reinforcement with multi-axial textile fabrics, such as AR-glass, carbon and basalt.

The project is carried out at the Divison of Structural Engineering in the research group Concrete Structures. The project is related to the TailorCrete project.

Keywords: Textile Reinforced Concrete, TRC, novel building material, future buildings, homes for tomorrow

Project members
Project leader 
Karin Lundgren
Project members 
Karin Lundgren
Natalie Williams Portal
Katarina Malaga
Natalie Williams Portal
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