Technological Innovations System for renewables in the Global South

This postdoc-project aims at deepening the knowledge around Technological Innovations Systems (TIS) for Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) in the Global South. Main focus for 2019 is the preparation and performance of case-studies and conceptual papers contributing to the empirical base and theoretical understanding of the TIS approach for analysing RETs transitions. More specifically, in 2019 field work will be carried out in Colombia. Building on the work conducted in 2018, which includes a case study in Tanzania
(planned for November 2018), two empirical papers will be produced during 2019. Moreover, a conceptual paper, drawing on the lessons from the empirical studies, which began in 2018, will be finalized in 2019. Other activities during 2018 involve publication of previous work, e.g., a TIS study for wind energy and Solar PV in India, along with a comparative paper between China and India regarding their TIS performance and specific transition pathways.

Start date 01/01/2019

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