Start date 01/08/2009
End date The project is closed: 01/08/2013
​Project leader
Karin Lundgren
Project members
Karin Lundgren
David Fall
Rasmus Rempling
Natalie Williams Portal
Kent Gylltoft
Kamyab Zandi
Jiangpeng Shu
Mario Plos
Karin Lundgren, David Fall

Within the work package ”Reinforcement”

Danish Technological Institue

El Caleyo Nuevas Technologías


Unicon A/S


University of Southern Denmark

In other parts of the project

ETH Zürich

Czech Technical University

Paschal Danmark a/s


Giben Scandinavia a/s



​​EU (FP7)
​​The goal of TailorCrete is to develop and demonstrate a new industrialised process for casting concrete, by the use of 3D-modells and robotics. This should replace the use of traditional formwork and thereby provide greater geometrical freedom while producing singular concrete structures at low cost.

The research conducted at Chalmers should evaluate different reinforcement solutions, suitable for industrialised production, to be used in geometrical complex formwork. The research includes evaluation of both exciting reinforcement types, such as reinforcement steel and fibre reinforcement, and alternative solutions such as fabric or textile reinforcement. While suitable reinforcement methods have been evaluated the production methods should be adjusted to suit the TailorCrete-concept. In a later part of the project Chalmers will assist on identifying and solving normative problems.

The work package ”Reinforcement Types” (WP3) is lead by Chalmers. The group also consists of institutes and companies contributing with expertise in automation, self compacting concrete, prefab-production, on-site production and fibre reinforcement. 

The project is carried out at the Division of Structural Engineering, in the research group Concrete Structures.

More information can be found at TailorCrete homepage

Keywords: Tailor-made concrete structures, Fibre reinforced concrete, Rational design of complex concrete geometries

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