Systems Design Arena

Start date 01/01/2011
End date The project is closed: 01/01/2016
​The project is a sub-project within the larger research programme Homes for Tomorrow, a trans-disciplinary strong research environment supporting the development of our future homes in a global era with new technologies, materials and spatial structures, which radically reduce resource and energy intensity. 
The research environment is led by Greg Morrison from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chalmers, with related activities within the EU INTERREG project SusLabNWE.
The project research within the “systems design arena” links aspects of user needs, human factors, provision, context, technologies and discursive aspects of living in order to enable truly sustainable dwelling.
Plans for a Hab-lab will provide settings for experimental activities and analogs and result in knowledge for habitats facing changes and extreme environments. The insights and knowledge developed within the project has a potential direct, as well as long-term, application and implication on the discourse, design and practical provision of sustainable living environments in both a global and local context.
Contact persons
​Paula Femenias,
Pernilla Hagbert,
In-kind budget
​Larry Toups’s salary is being paid for by NASA.
Olga Bannova’s salary is being paid for by the University of Houston
Key words
​Sustainability, habitability, resources recycling, human factors, social and environmental responsibility
Other information

​Homes for Tomorrow is a trans-disciplinary research environment together with various research groups at the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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