Synkronisering och backhaul för distribuerade MIMO-system

The overall goal is to lay the foundation for a realistic deployment of a distributed MIMO system. Specific objectives: 1."Develop algorithms for synchronization and calibration of remote radios, for various architectures. a."Determine synchronization and calibration tolerances, performance vs error. b."Develop sync algorithms, operating on sync data transmitted over the network. c."Develop network-wide calibration functionality. 2."Study various architectures of distributed MIMO, and determine cost-vs-performance metrics. Central here is to determine how to: a."Achieve efficient transportation of user data within the network b."Balance between central or distributed processing c."Decide the role of channel state information and how to distribute it within the network 3."Study the possibility and challenges of an entirely wireless network. This should be done under the same conditions as in the previous goals 1 and 2, but it obviously puts extra demands on the architecture and synchronization. The work plan reflect these objectives: WP1: Deployment, use cases and requirements WP2: Synchronization and calibration WP3: Network Architecture WP4: Wireless backhaul and fronthaul Our efforts is expected to lead to a) a significantly increased understanding of distributed MIMO architectures b) algorithms for synchronization and calibration, valid for a distributed setting c) paving the ground towards a future fully wireless network.

Start date 01/01/2019
End date 31/12/2023

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