Syngas fermentation for efficient conversion of lignocellulose into bioethanol

The project aims at developing a methodology for producing bioethanol from syngas, produced by gasification of biomass. Gasification allows the conversion of literally any carbon-containing material into syngas, a mixture of mainly CO, CO2, and H2. Syngas fermentations by biocatalysts (microbial cells) can fully exploit the carbon in the biomass, but many scientific challenges persist. Here, we focus on overcoming major obstacles related to process inhibition – impurities found in syngas, including cyanide, ammonium, benzene and tar that disrupt cellular growth and lower productivity. We will combine competences in biomass gasification (energy technology group), with the microbial cell factory design competences of the industrial biotechnology group. The access to real syngas and the optimization of the gasification to fit the fermentation provides means to take this cutting-edge technology towards application. The project supports our ongoing project on syngas electrofermentation.

Start date 26/02/2018
End date The project is closed: 31/10/2019

Page manager Published: Thu 19 Jul 2018.