SwedNESS’ goal is to educate 25 doctoral students as a base for Sweden's expertise in neutron scattering with respect to the ESS. The school focuses on four disciplinary areas, "fundamental studies of chemical and physical phenomena", "functional materials", "engineering" and "life-science and its technology", to get a spread of expertise, but also a sufficient critical mass for excellent research and education. The goal is that the graduate students will gain expertise in neutron scattering techniques by exploiting the different existing neutron facilities to be able to become involved in the development of the ESS. SwedNESS has an international board, a management group, with the involvement of ESS, and a director of studies. To encourage new users of neutrons one person per participating universities will be appointed. SwedNESS will develop courses and summer schools and the courses developed will also be offered to students outside the six universities. The school will stimulate networking between students, senior researchers and interaction with ESS.

Partner organizations

  • Linköping University (Academic, Sweden)
  • Stockholm University (Academic, Sweden)
  • Uppsala University (Academic, Sweden)
  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) (Academic, Sweden)
  • Lund University (Academic, Sweden)
Start date 01/07/2016
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2021

Page manager Published: Thu 14 Jan 2021.