Sustainable design and production planning

A challenge for the construction industry is the fact that the sector is responsible for one third to half the global environmental impact. At the same time, the European competitiveness is growing, as international construction companies have entered the Swedish construction market the last decade. Public agencies responsible for the national transportation system and the related infrastructure are in great need for addressing sustainability in their work with upgrading and renewing the transport
system. This has rendered a need for an innovative design methodology that in a transparent way include sustainability aspects.

This proposal will provide an innovative design methodology that includes economical, social and environmental aspects in a practical way. Sustainability assessment requires a large amount of information about the product and the production method, as well as required maintenance. In early planning of infrastructure and buildings this information is not available, which results in a poor decision-making process and a guess of the structures environmental impact. We propose to adopt a methodology from the car industry: set-based design.

By creating a strong team of two interdisciplinary research groups, one contractor and one public client we want to take the developed concept to a business level and expand the methodology so that it includes sustainability. The result will increase the competitiveness of Swedish construction companies and consolidate the needed scientific competence by bridging the gap between two successful research groups.

Start date 01/11/2017
End date The project is closed: 30/04/2021

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