Sustainable Urban Transports -SUT

Start date 01/01/2009
End date The project is closed: 06/01/2013

​Sustainable city development and transports are addressed through new concepts for city distribution for goods and passengers.

Urban transport for people and goods is rapidly becoming one of the major environmental challenges. The question is how sustainable city distribution can meet the growing transport-related concerns about good distribution efficiency, congestion, climate and safety in cities.

This project addresses sustainable city development and sustainable transports through new concepts for city distribution of goods and passengers. Different perspectives of city planning, transport and logistics, and vehicle knowledge are brought together by collaboration between industry, academia and society. The project members will develop new concepts for the city distribution (including e.g. vehicle and ITS technologies, transport set-ups, city planning, impact assessment) as well as a vision for sustainable urban transport solutions for goods and passengers. New solutions will be applicable in both existing city centers and new urban areas. Environmental benefits are anticipated to be realized through e.g. reduction of heavy-duty and medium duty trucks used for direct delivery, higher degree of consolidated goods, improved load factors, and last mile distribution by electrified vehicles.

On a more practical level, the project includes also among others the development, the demonstration, and the evaluation of a pilot based on the existing micro-terminal situated at Campus Lindholmen in Gothenburg Eco Area.


The research is carried out by the research centre Northern LEAD.

Northern LEAD

Organisations involved
​Lindholmen Science Park (LSP), Volvo Technology, Chalmers Arkitektur, Göteborgs Stad Trafikkontoret, Älvstranden Utveckling.
Project manager
​Niklas Wahlberg, Lindholmen Science Park

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