Surship - Strategic European Research Cooperation on Maritime Safety

Start date 01/11/2005
End date The project is closed: 31/10/2009
SURHSIP (survivability of ships) is strategic European research cooperation on maritime safety. A first presentation of research results for the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) took place in October 2007 at the Maritime Safety Committee meeting. Preparation for the next presentation for IMO is ongoing. Two workshops have been held, the latest in June 2008 focusing on a) Survivability in damaged conditions, based on the Estonia sink study, b) Goal based Standards for the upcoming new rules, and c) Fire safety. A third workshop will take place in 2009. SURSHIP has decided to continue the work also in 2010, as the implementation via IMO takes more time.

Facts about SURSHIP:
Type: Cluster of programmes
Countries Involved: SE, DE, FR, NL, FI, DK and UK
Launch date: September 2006
Funding budget: 13,000,000 €


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