Studies of ship resistance and wave generation

Since the fuel consumption is strongly dependent on the ship resistance several studies have been made within this area. Thus, the impact of the hull surface condition has been measured both for surfaces covered with barnacles and for different painted surfaces. The possibility to reduce the resistance through the ejection of micro-bubbles has also been investigated. To minimize the resistance of the hull several studies of numerical hull shape optimisation techniques are also included. As to the wash wave prediction, a newly developed technique for computing the waves at a large distance from the ship has been proposed.

Start of project: 1997
End of project: 2013-07-01
Project objectives
The general objective of the present project is to reduce the environmental impact of a ship through better design. Two aspects of the impact are considered: reduced fuel consumption and smaller generated wash waves.
All project members
Michael Leer-Andersen (industrial PhD student at SSPA) and Lars Larsson, Professor at Chalmers.
SSPA, Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. several EU-projects

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